Medical Information

Find out how we can support your medical information system?

Strategic Partnership for Medical Information Management

Global, vital, accurate, multilingual, well-organized system

DeltaPV provides customized medical information service, including full integrated 7/24 call centers. With a team of experienced pharmacists dedicated to patient safety and medical information management, DeltaPV provides vital, accurate, multilingual, well-organized Medical Information service, specific to requirements of clients.

  • Set up and maintenance of call center system
  • Call center software allows call intake and outgoing calls
  • Toll-free number set up is possible
  • Answering calls via a browser-based software
  • Record of every phone call
  • Customer focus, a friendly and professional communication at all times
  • Out of hours service, 24/7/365 full contact center

  • First line and Second line Medical Information enquiry management
  • Initial intake via multiple communication channels
  • Detailed documentation and tracking of received information
  • Responses to general, business, medical, scientific, and technical enquiries from all customer types
  • Live and immediate responses for client product
  • Responses for medical information enquiries can be provided via multiple communication channels
  • Translation of medical information enquiries from local language to English
  • Development of MI response documents like frequently asked questions (FAQ) standard response documents to medical inquiries
  • Intake of potential adverse events (AEs) or product quality complaints (PQCs) via multiple communication channels and handle in accordance with client-specified guidelines
  • Handling and appropriate triage of non-medical information request
  • Reconciliation on required timelines
  • KPI, quality and compliance reporting
  • Medical Literature Search

  • Right Partner and Right Resource for Patient Care
  • Global Multilingual Support – Multilingual and Multichannel Call Handling
  • Qualified Medical Information Specialists-

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