Literature Screening

Continuous screening of DeltaPV to deliver literature reports…

Medical and scientific literature screening is a key element of the pharmacovigilance system. It is a drug safety regulatory requirement, but it supports a risk-benefit balance of your product and helps to protect your company portfolio by supporting patient health!

Literature screening becomes an integral aspect in pharmacovigilance as the main objective of the screening is to detect adverse drug reactions, all kinds of safety information, and efficacy data of the product.

DeltaPV has a special software system which is called LITSIS for local and global literature screening. LITSIS is a validated and web-based system used by our PV team.

DeltaPV provides screening service for the published medical and scientific literature as part of a pharmacovigilance system at local and global levels. For global literature monitoring, LITSIS reaches all published data and brings results for defined keywords in an electronic environment through perfect technology as it is important that our special system prevents missing any consequential safety information for our clients.

DeltaPV also monitors over 1000 local medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary journals on an ongoing basis. Local Publications – are not indexed in global databases – are analyzed in over 100 countries with full-text review. We have more than 5000 products and that number is constantly increasing for both products and countries.

We have extensive experience in developing search strategies for our clients and provide results from these searches. Our process is checked regularly and documented at every step.

The requirement to effectively screen the published literature as part of a pharmacovigilance system can lead to various challenges such as; high workload, use of highly qualified personnel, time-consuming and inadequate results.

One benefit of outsourcing DeltaPV to carry out your literature screening for you is that synchronizing and ensuring efficient system across the regions that can be controlled by headquarters and local QPPVs

Where patient safety meets with technology

As DeltaPV, we developed with our partners a cutting edge technology literature screening software tool, LITSIS, a validated, web-based system, which our expert PV team utilizes for local and global screening of published medical and scientific literature as part of the Pharmacovigilance system. LITSIS is faster than the traditional literature screening methods and because our process is double checked and documented at every step, LITSIS also provides higher quality outcome. LITSIS currently monitors over 1000 local medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary science journals for our ongoing projects. Local publications from over 100 countries that are not indexed in global databases are being analyzed in full-text review format for more than 5000 products and the numbers are ever growing.

Before the global project commences, we collaborate with you to determine which literature resources are going to be integrated to the system and we create a search strategy tool which includes keywords related to your products (ie. product name, active ingredient). LITSIS then autonomously indexes the resources and searches in them the predetermined keywords with complete accuracy on a weekly basis, which prevents any consequential data to be lost. By collaborating with numerous clients, we gained extensive experience in developing effective search strategies to get results.

On top of the vast and efficient screening, LITSIS also provides a unified platform for headquarters and local QPPVs to monitor literature screening process and outcomes for all the operating regions in one place.

Weekly Local Literature Screening
Service includes;

  • Maintenance of literature screening software LITSIS account
  • Weekly screening of local literature sources
  • Quality check of local literature screening
  • Weekly reporting of ICSRs, safety information and rejected/unrelated articles
  • Generation of literature reports on weekly basis
  • Delivery of full text articles found during weekly LLS
  • Periodic review of the list of local literature journals list (performed every 6 months)
  • Monthly reconciliation of identified safety information

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